this is my website. cool!

about me

greetings! this is my developer website :)
my name is jonah, in august of 2021, i received my bachelor's degree in computer science with a concentration in software engineering.
you'll find projects, my social media accounts, and APIs that i've written on my website. just use the navigation button on the top left!


i am available on a few social media sites, gaming platforms, and a few developer websites. if you'd like, go ahead and go to them

twitch schedule

i stream on twitch every tuesday, wednesday, and thursday at 6pm EST. here's a little visual of my stream schedule so you can join in and watch if it fits your vibe!


10am est / 7am pst


10am est / 7am pst


10am est / 7am pst


my discord server is where you can make a suggestion or report a bug in any of my projects or APIs.
i do primarily use it for my twitch so i think you might as well follow me on twitch too yes?
if you're a developer like me, there are also some channels for you to get help. don't hesitate to mention me in the server for anything!