take a look at my developing stuff!


sometimes i'll work on bots for some tools online. so far, i have only developed a discord bot which you can see below!
if i continue to make more bots for things like reddit, twitch, etc. they will be listed here!


in my sophomore year of college, i took a discrete mathematics course that introduced me to boolean algebra (in a way). the following semester, i took a class based around digital design and that class introduced me to the quine-mccluskey algorithm which helps to reduce a boolean expression of any size.

and then, my boolean algebra codebase was written! i have it written in a few different languages including, so far, Python, Java, and JavaScript. when i have time, i try to work on other languages implementations to be more flexible as far as programming languages goes.

you can take a look at all my code for it on my github organization

i also have a download section for it for Windows and MacOS!


i haven't had time to start coming up with a unique game idea but once i have one, or any, they will appear here :)

you can also stay tuned more about stuff like this either on my discord or any social media of mine which you can easily get to on my home page!


this is really just a section for projects of mine that don't really have a place above!